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Memories i had forgotten

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Memories i had forgotten Empty Memories i had forgotten

Post by Izar Fri Dec 14, 2018 5:33 am

Im looking back on my post history here and cringing, i was such a spaz. Like learn how to form sentences you 15 year old bitch...stop using so many elipses, 3 is enough. 

I was kind of funny though.

Regardless, i just remembered playing with everyone and how much fucking fun it was, and how good i was, and how happy i was to have friends, especially during that time in my life. I stumbled onto a post of coming back to the game and everyone wanting to play with me, and then i remember having really good games. I miss that time in my life. I wasnt very serious back then, i thought everything was a joke, even when i got diagnosed with cancer, i laughed at it, it scares me like hell itll come back but thankfully im healthy as fuck. I had forgotten all your names till acouple hours ago, now the memories are flooding back. 

I think these forums stirred somthing up in me, my love for game design and thinking about it intensly. Even now i have thoughts on how to make obscure games better and weird fucking idea.

Thanks everyone, i hope you see this, i hope we can play together again sometime, im gonna try and find members of the community.
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I Don't Fear Death

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