My Game Universe, Spoilers Ahead

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My Game Universe, Spoilers Ahead Empty My Game Universe, Spoilers Ahead

Post by BigBox on Fri Feb 05, 2016 4:52 am

They're all apart of a single connected universe

I've always liked the idea of I.P's being connected in a single universe, and decided to make this a thing.  And, since my days of High School, I've created a minimum of 5 fully fledged out concepts that could be potential franchises.  I'm a very busy person a lot of the time when it comes to my creative work, and I know I'll get to where I wanna be one day as long as I keep to it.

This is a complete side note that is unrelated to the subject, I feel like the ways of death in this music video capture my main characters to the "T."

Burning Alive - Survival Horror
Drowning - ARPG
Buried Alive - Stealth Action
Hanging - Sandbox
Falling - JRPG
Metal Gear Ray
Metal Gear Ray

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