So I finally dove in...

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So I finally dove in... Empty So I finally dove in...

Post by DP on Sat Sep 26, 2015 6:58 am

I'm now truly in the 8th generation. The Wii U has been wonderful to me but it was time for the big guns, so I got an Xbox One!

No, no, completely kidding, I got a PS4. It dropped to a price that I was more okay with, even if it was only a slight difference. Got the TLoUR bundle, brand new with the warranty, for $350. Maybe playing it in 1080p will make the story good. I didn't care enough to wait for the 1TB model or a true price drop since that'll be for the 500GB module anyway. I could've found it even cheaper but I don't trust the other 25 million PS4 owners enough to gamble on one without a warranty. Since the current lineup of first party games doesn't interest me, the extra $50 will buy me either PS+ for a year or all of the current first party games I care about, which would be inFamous. And since I bought inFamous the day I got the PS4, PS+ it is! Now I just have to wait for Battlefront and Fallout and my year is complete and paid for, since I already preordered Xenoblade X.

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