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Extra Life 2014! We want you! Empty Extra Life 2014! We want you!

Post by this_is_marko on Sun Oct 19, 2014 6:25 pm

Hey guys!  I know it has been a super long time since I've posted anything here (college is kicking my butt this semester) but I have some really cool news.  Extra Life 2014 is coming up this Saturday into Sunday and my friends and I have created a team!

For those of you who don't know, Extra Life is a massive charity event where people pledge to play games of any kind (video games, board games, sports) for 25 hours straight to raise money for the children's hospital of their choice.  Those that feel moved to can donate money to the gamer or team of gamers for doing this.  

My friends and I have created a team this year with the amazing team name of #SweerPotato.
1.) We don't actually use hashtags in real life.  We did this as a joke.
2.) No, that is not a typo.  The team name is #SweerPotato, not sweet potato
The hospital that we chose is the Children's Hospital of Philadelpha.  We chose this because when I was in high school I had a really intense chest surgery there.  Their staff were incredible and I was healthier afterwards then I had ever been before.

So what can you do?!  Well there's a few options.

1.)  The best thing you can do is spread awareness of this awesome charity event in general.  
2.)  Pick a team to donate to.  Lots of youtubers and video game communities participate in this event so there's tons of options.  Or you can help us out on team #SweerPotato!
3.) If you're feeling full of gusto, get a group of friends together and marathon with us!  We would love to have you guys join #SweerPotato and raise money with us.  Maybe we can play some All-stars together!  If you do join us, we ask that you make a small donation to the team as we are self-sponsoring ourselves.  We'll be starting our marathon at 8 AM eastern time on Saturday, Oct 25th.

Quick and Easy Steps to Donating to a Team
1.) Go to http://www.extra-life.org/
2.) Click on the green DONATE button at the top right of the screen
3.) It will then ask you to type in the name of the team you wish to donate to.  Search "#SweerPotato"
4.) Find the result that says "Mark, Mike, Eric, Chris, and Wells #SweerPotato".  Next to it, it will say "DONATE NOW!"
5.) A list of pre made donation options will pop up such as $15, $25, etc. If you scroll all the way to the bottom of this list, it will give up the option to put in any amount you want.  No amount is too small so even if you just want to pitch in $5, it will make an impact on the lives of kids.
6. ) You will need either a credit card or paypal in order to donate.  This is a secure site and a legit charity event.  Sony supports it to the point where it gets mentioned each year on the news feed on your ps3!

Just thought I'd let you guys know about this awesome event!  Let's band together as gamers and make a difference in these kids' lives!

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