Google now owns Twitch

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Google now owns Twitch Empty Google now owns Twitch

Post by DP on Sat Jul 26, 2014 11:46 am

It's been confirmed that Google paid $1B to bring Twitch under its belt. Google effectively owns video media now. Again. And I'm completely fine with that.

I'd link but it's all over the Internet right now lol. Some people are flipping out because "Google is evil." Disregarding the fact that Google is the most forward company on the planet in virtually every way and one of the key defenders of the Internet, that argument is still bullshit. Their motto is literally "don't be evil," and their innovations, while hated, get their intended job done. The most hated of those, g+ YouTube merging, was hated precisely for trying to tie people to what they say and stop the idiotic flame comments you see all the time; and it worked for the most part. The worst that can happen here is that they add some more ad bubbles to streams, which means the streamer makes more money. And money bad. 

But now all the "true" streamers are vowing to hop to HitBox.

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Google now owns Twitch Empty Re: Google now owns Twitch

Post by BladedgeX on Sat Jul 26, 2014 9:33 pm

Lol people try so hard to rebel against change. Don't see anything wrong with Twitch as far as I know.

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