Major (non-Axis) Announcement (READ)

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Major (non-Axis) Announcement (READ) Empty Major (non-Axis) Announcement (READ)

Post by DP on Sat Apr 12, 2014 12:07 am

This is a PSA to everybody, completely unrelated to anything on the forum. I just wanted to step in and let everyone know.

Last week, a glitch with OpenSSL (the encryption protocol on which most "secure login" pages run) was discovered that could leave you and your various internet accounts at risk. Many sites (Google, Yahoo, and MANY others) have recommended you change your passwords immediately.

Forumotion was NOT affected, so your PAStadium passwords are safe (unless you share the password with other sites that have been affected, in which case you may be at risk). The bug, known as Heartbleed, has been patched everywhere, thankfully - but I'd still recommend you alter your passwords.



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