Domey Awards 2013 UPDATE!

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Domey Awards 2013 UPDATE! Empty Domey Awards 2013 UPDATE!

Post by DP on Tue Jan 21, 2014 12:53 am

The poll will close on Wednesday, 1/22/14, at midnight EST, so make sure to submit all final votes by Tuesday at 11:59.  There are several ties, so I will be restarting threads/polls for anything tied or within one vote of tying to allow for a more narrow, consolidated vote on those.  (The exception to this is the Best Surprise category, since there are several one-vote answers, so I'll be cutting that down to the only two with more than one vote each.)  All affected polls will be posted in by me to show you guys which you need to recast your votes on.

There is one poll that needs votes, and that is the Best Mobile Game poll, as the tie is 1-1, and even if I reset it, nothing would really change, so make sure to vote in that one!

Let me know if there are any issues with voting, as I've never tried resetting Forumotion polls before.

Again, polls close WEDNESDAY AT MIDNIGHT.  If there is any issue with voting or not enough votes are cast, I will either delay the final results a few days or give them as they were before I had reset them.

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