Vote in the Annual Domey Awards!

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Vote in the Annual Domey Awards! Empty Vote in the Annual Domey Awards!

Post by DP on Wed Jan 08, 2014 7:22 pm

I've temporarily opened a new section of the forum for the Domey Awards so that we may easily find the polls without cluttering the General Gaming Zone.  Since the actual polls are two weeks late, and since I was bored, I took the liberty of doing them myself (sorry, Kiwi).

I added a few games to the lists that were completely barren, and added them based solely on Metascore.  This pertains almost exclusively to the brand-exclusive polls, as otherwise Killer Instinct and The Last of Us had walk-in victories.  I note specifically in any thread with an added option that I've done so.

Voting will end in exactly two weeks, on January 22nd, around which time I'll lock all the threads and announce the winners, unless any tie-breaker polls need to be created.

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