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The Rules Empty The Rules

Post by 0CTAVE Sun Aug 26, 2012 9:19 pm

Welcome to the PA Stadium Forum, the official unofficial PlayStation All-Stars forum.
I'm the owner of the site. Go ahead and post to you heart's content, just make sure you follow these few simple rules:

1) Spam: The following will be considered as spam.
- One/two word posts where not appropriate, this may include one word lists.
- Double posting, that’s what the edit button is for. Exceptions will apply for contributors to guides/reviews updates or if over 24 hours has passed since your last post and staff announcements.
- Going off topic, sure the occasional off-topic posts are allowed, but try to relate back to the subject matter as much as possible.
- Duplicate topics, check to see if a topic already exists for your possible subject matter.
- Flooding, posting of thoughtless generic messages in a number of topics in just minutes.

2) Trolling And Flaming: Trolling is the usage of posts that are designed to provoke another member to make an irrational and emotional reply, which can be a result of but not limited to the following:
- Harassing a member with comments that clearly upset them despite being informed not to in the first place.
- Blatant disrespect with no proper base to ones opinion.
- An attack on the members’ religious belief, sex, race, sexual preference.
- Flaming is a direct assault towards another member, usage of any hostile and/or profane comments towards another member will be deemed as flaming.

3) Advertising: You are allowed to advertise websites via your signature or in the "Websites" box in the User Control Panel only. Making posts or topics solely to advertise another site is allowed circumstantially; if you want to advertise another site in a topic, please ask a Mod or Admin first. Signature advertisements must not contain links to any sites promoting illegal activity or contain any 18+ content. Scam advertisements will also not be allowed, keep the ad as honest as possible.

4) Other Rules & Guidelines: Please also refrain from the following:
- Discussion on how to obtain or access any illegal activities such as pirating video games, movies, software etc., is NOT allowed.
- Posting any inappropriate or vulgar content on the site, either by text or imagery. This includes but is not limited to revealing sexual images or sexual content, excessive gore, decapitated heads etc.
- Usage of multiple accounts to circumvent a ban/suspension or to simply make your own topics look more popular by continually posting in them with your own accounts.
- Any other behavior that is considered disruptive to the tranquility of the forum, such as *but not limited to* any immature or unnecessary attacks at the staff or forum in general.
- Please no quote pyramids, as they slow down computers!
- No impersonating other members, especially me!
- No posting another member's personal information such as name, address. etc. You can post yours if you REALLY want too, but it's your responsibility.
- No raising dead topics older than a month, unless the topic is a showcase, debate, strategy or a topic I've made that hasn't been locked.
- Please search for a discussion thread to make sure you are not cloning an already existent thread. If a thread exists, you may raise it even if it is dead.
- Don't post topics or private message the admins asking for Mod-ship,because you will most likely not even get the chance if you ask!
- Don't like a topic or user,ignore it or him/her!
- No Annoying Officials about something over and over. (Don't ask the same thing even though you got an answer.)
- Don't post flashy animated pictures that can cause seizures
- Use spoiler tags around videos if you are posting more than two videos in a single post. Additionally, all video threads require spoiler tags so as to not slow down computers.
- DO NOT POST IN A BOT TOPIC. (Meaning suspicious looking topics made by forum bots that probably contain graphic material or malicious hyperlinks)
- No racist jokes or comments!!!

5)Moderators Actions: If you are uncertain as to why a certain moderator action took place regarding any of your content on the forum please PM the moderator your concern, if you believe the treatment is unjust please forward your concerns and any evidence to support your claim directly to an Admin, from there any necessary action will be taken. Please keep in mind that Mods and Admins are NOT required to warn you more than once about an offense before taking away some AP, so although sometimes we may be nice and warn you a few times, we CAN throw you after one warning.

6)Groups: For those who would like to join a certain group,you must apply for it under the tab on the header named "User-groups".

7)Signatures: The maximum number of images allowed onto your signature will be 2. If you have more than that we will be forced to remove it. If you add it again you will be lose AP and can in repeated offenses result in a ban. (This will be flexible depending on the size of the images.)

*Note: Should any rule changes be necessary they will be discussed and agreed upon privately between the staff team, and any changes will be announced in the News section.

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