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  1. batbugz
    Humor : Yes please. Eheheheheh... Terrible joke.
    Rank: New Challenger
  2. Celtics_fan23
  3. dragonfire111
    Humor : depends on my mood
    Rank: King of Dreamland
  4. Frinker
    Humor : Lets grow ourselves a big lanky goggle eyed freak
    Rank: Death To All
  5. Godman873
  6. harley2947
    Humor : Everybody's Gotta Laugh!
    Rank: You Gotta Believe!
  7. Kiwi
    Humor : You gotta find first gear in your giant robot car!
    Usergroups: Debators
    Rank: You're too slow!
  8. lpool1996moh
  9. Monkee-King_
  10. MrEpic
    Humor : So a duck walks into a bar, just kidding, ducks aren't allowed in bars.
    Usergroups: Debators
    Rank: PACL Champion
Count Mario
Count Mario

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