Freedom Wars

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Freedom Wars

Post by BladedgeX on Tue Feb 24, 2015 11:48 pm

Once again, I bought another game expanding my library of games on my Vita. This game is again, Sony's (Or rather Japan Studio's) take on the monster hunter.... should it have it's own genre at this point? I dunno... haha...

Anyways, got back to playing my Vita once I saw this bad boy on the shelves of gamestop and I remembered about that one video with the numbers on top of people's heads and stuff. Played a good amount of it. I like it despite the control scheme being a bit iffy and taking some time to get used to. Ironically, despite people saying that Sprinter or technical control schemes are better, I prefer to use the standard control scheme since it's more flexible to use once you figure out a few tricks here and there. But in anycase, I like the gameplay and I am wondering if anyone else got Freedom Wars.

And sadly my Vita library is still bigger than my 3DS library. What's wrong with me?

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