Polygon's case for worst game site

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Polygon's case for worst game site

Post by DP on Thu Oct 16, 2014 3:22 am


Polygon decided to drop the score of DriveClub today, because the multiplayer has been broken since launch. That's not a problem in itself; in fact it's completely understandable. The problem here is that they started an entirely biased trend within the site. DriveClub doesn't work, for now. Will they update the score when it does? You bet your ass not. Because that doesn't get ratings or clicks. Did they care when Skyrim was broken on PS3? Nope, 10/10 GotY. Did they care to fix GTA V's score when Online didn't work for the first week? Nope 10/10. What about BF4, a game so notorious for its awful launch that a sequel won't even be out this year? Nah, 8's good enough! Will they give games a better score if they're patched? Hell no, you're lucky if they even bring it up. 

This starts a dangerous trend that Polygon can now fix reviews after the fact just for double the clicks. What's to stop them from giving Smash an 8 and upping it later, or taking Uncharted 4 down a quarter point after it hits because the multiplayer lagged once, just to drop it off of Metacritic's number one spot? It's the continuation of a worrying trend at Polygon: They're ONLY in it for the clicks. Why else would they claim MK8 would never sell more than a million lifetime? Why would they give The Evil Within a 6 overall despite giving it a 6.5 on every platform? Why would they keep trumpeting social justice with Anita Sarkeesian's pretentious, over-sensitivec hyper-feminist bullshit and refusing to acknowledge GamerGate despite one of the reviewers fucking Zoe Quinn and giving her game a good score and the whole BEING INVOLVED IN CORRUPTUON CLAIMS?

Oh yeah, money.

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Re: Polygon's case for worst game site

Post by lpool1996moh on Thu Oct 16, 2014 3:17 pm

tl;dr Polygon blows donkey dick k thanks bye

Although this is a new practice, Polygon sucking so much ass it makes Stevie Wonder jealous is not really news

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