Anyone got that Pokebank Celebi? [Question]

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Anyone got that Pokebank Celebi? [Question]

Post by Thirty3Three on Fri Jun 06, 2014 2:30 am

I'd like to be able to grab one, but unfortunately, I've got no money, so I can't "purchase" the Pokebank. And the free trial's over, as far as I know.

I can clone it and send it back your way using the following method:

1) You trade me the pokemon from your 3DS to my 7.2 3DS
2) I'll then trade the Celebi from my 7.2 3DS to my 4.5 Gateway'd 3DS (Can't go online using backups yet)
3) I'll then save and backup my pokemon x backup to my PC (the save is in the backup, so I'll have the Celebi on my PC and my 3DS)
4) Then, I'll trade the Celebi back your way and will put the PC-backup back on my 3DS
5) Then we'll both have Celebi.

Of course it requires trust, so if you're wary of doing this sort of thing, I totally understand. No biggie.

Peace. B) 

And for anyone who doesn't know, Gateway 3DS is a flash cart which lets you play 3DS games on firmware 4.5 3DSs. And with NAND-saving games (Such as Pokemon X/Y, Animal Crossing New Leaf, etc.) the saves save directly to the rom itself.)

SO yes. Thanksh!

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