New Terraria Single-Player Cloud Clone item glitch

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New Terraria Single-Player Cloud Clone item glitch

Post by Thirty3Three on Sun Dec 22, 2013 9:18 pm

Hey guys! I discovered a cloning glitch on Terraria (PS3 or Vita, either will do. You only need one game, one system, etc.)

The newest patch allows you to upload your character or world to the "cloud".

Here's what you do with this:

1) Get on your character, and go on any world (preferably your 'good' world, which has chests) and collect the items which you'd like to clone, and place them in your character's inventory. Save the game.

2) Exit the world, and UPLOAD the character (the one holding the items you'd want to clone) to the cloud.

3) Re-enter the world, and place your items back in the chests. Save and exit.

4) This time DOWNLOAD the character (the one you uploaded previously)

5) Re-enter the world again. The downloaded character will have the items you just placed in the chest, in the inventory, AND the same items will be in the chest. Awesome right? Place the duplicated items in the chest (So now you should have 2x the item[s] you've had before. Save and exit.

6) Repeat step 4-5 over and over until you've got what you want in the chest.

And fin.

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