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Film Projects

Post by Pyro-Hem on Thu Oct 24, 2013 1:13 am

I see my future going into Film as a career. I just love it and lately it's just been working out almost perfectly. It's fun and I get to show my creative side. So, I'm gonna show off one of the videos the team and I, from my school, made and entered into a recent contest. Especially proud of how this turned out. Just gonna say, this is a more "censored" version because apparently the original one was too racy to enter into the competition (Not to mention it was awkward for our teacher to see her daughter portrayed the way she was in certain shots that were taken out, which really weren't much except for shots of her with bullets and such and one shot with her bending at a certain angle)... And if you decide to look at the actual channel (Don't or you may see me somewhere... lol), anything uploaded before the Bullying PSA was before I joined, therefore I didn't work on it. Props to everybody I know that worked on this music video, especially Brandon who edited the whole thing. There were so many layers of clips, his computer almost committed suicide! lol

Some camera angles and touches here and there in the video were what I worked on.

Just sharing what I've been busy doing lately. cheers

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