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Shin Gundam Musou topic

Post by Piratemankelly on Thu Oct 24, 2013 12:32 am

I just want to get out of the way that I love DW and the DWG games.

So, I'm glad Official Mode is back. Kinda' sad to see ZZ's be taken out, but Seed, Seed Destiny, and Unicorn are getting them to replace it.

However, that's kind of a problem for me, because now Seed / Destiny are soaking up all the spotlight. I don't dislike them, but frankly (and I did the math), there's like 40 open slots for new suits and the two of them are liable to take up a fair majority of them.
You see, this game is supposed to have 120+ suits, typically meaning 2 or 3 over that, excluding transformatiosn and stuff. So I assumed the roster of DWG3 + Char's Counterrattack suits returning, factored in the now-playable Mobile Armors (excluding Dark Gundam, which I don't think is really fit to be playable), and the DLC characters from the last game- at least Susano'o and Kshatriya having already been confirmed- leaving the aforementioned 40-ish suits.
Now, Unicorn has gotten the Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee, which is amazing, but the series only has like 4 suits (Unicorn, Unicorn 2, Sinanju and Kshatriya, unless I missed a grunt), so that definitely needs more to make an Official Mode.
But, excluding the Bearguy, which is a first-print bonus, every other truly new suit / armor has been from Seed or Destiny so far. 
Seed / Destiny's Numbers:
Angelo's Geara Zulu, Strike, Strike Rouge, Aegis, Buster, Legend, Destroy, Freedom, Impulse, the Akatsuki, and the Zaku Warrior have already been added. I mean, adding the 4 suits already representing them that's still only 15 suits representing both series, and considering the other Official Mode series have way more than that, it's obvious we're getting / need more.
So this is really kind of a fanboyish complaint, but waaaaah I don't think we're getting more suits from G Gundam or Turn A (both very long overdue), or completing Wing's main cast! I mean, all three series have been in since the beginning and the former pair only have 3 suits each right now.
G Gundam ideas:
G Gundam doesn't need a ton of suits, maybe add the Shuffle Alliance + Allenby or heck, since Schwarz is already playable and his suit would be freaking awesome, Gundam Schwarz. You know, Rain in the Rising Gundam would also be great. Okay, that's actually like 7 suits I just mentioned, but the thing about G Gundam is every suit is incredibly unique and would each be insanely fun.
Turn A ideas:
I'm not much into Turn A, but the Turn A Gundam and the X are both really cool, out-there designs that I think the series could use more of. Every other Gundam is so cookie-cutter with their basic design, which makes sense considering they're Gundams, but this series is just so unique it's a shame it's not represented more. Again, I know almost nothing about this one, but I know it could definitely stand for some more exposure. Harry Ord and his SUMO, perhaps?
Wing / Victory / New Series ideas:

For Wing, just having Altron and Sandrock Kai (maybe a Tauros, Mercurius & Vayeate as two Class 2 suits would be great) would pretty much wrap that up. And while we're at it, I think the Gottrlatan is due for an upgrade.
And then of course new series should also get a chance to be put in. Personally, my most wanted is the ez8 (from 08th MS squad), and the Gundam AGE and Gundam Crossbones series would also be excellent inclusions imo.

I know, wall-o-text, but considering the kind of nerds (and I mean that in the most endearing way) that dwell here I would've expected some kind of topic about it. Open up the spoilers (rant-agraphs) at your own peril. (They aren't really rants, they just add to the overall topic-creating tirade).


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