Rock'em Sock'em Problem

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Rock'em Sock'em Problem

Post by Fabsta1994 on Sat Sep 21, 2013 4:09 pm

So I bought a new PS3 slim not too long ago to replace my old fat ps3 that broke down for the third time. I found out it could backtrack my old PS1 games and it works. Except for one game...

Rock'em Sock'em Arena.

I don't know why, but this game is in mint condition that I purchased from eBay a year ago. MINT. CONDITION. and no matter how many times I start up the game as soon as the PS1 logo phases out the game does not start up.


I tested it on my cousin's PS2slim and it worked like a charm! So thought if I managed to scavenge a ps2slim I'd get it to work. 30 bucks spent and... the game doesn't start. Then again the slim I vought couldn't read any game I put in for whatever reason. 


Scavenged a Fat PS2 and the owner said it works. I slip the disk in and... you guessed it. It wouldn't even read the disk. The only thing that would come up working is the soundtrack. The sundtrack also appears on my PS3 whenever I put the disk in. I figured the game needs to be started manually as the FATPS2 would nt automatically read the disk like it used to. Sadly my PS2 controller went missing so there is no way of knowing if the console actually works like the previous owner told me. Needless to say that was more money down the drain.

This game was one of my favourite fighting games of all time. That is the 2ND COPY I own of it because for whatever reason the first disc couldn't even be read and it was also in MINT CONDITION.

I don't really believe in shit like this but technology really hates my guts.
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