UNLEASHED Voice Actor Auditions! (Now with PICTURES!)

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UNLEASHED Voice Actor Auditions! (Now with PICTURES!)

Post by Fabsta1994 on Sat Jun 29, 2013 10:19 pm

Come one and come all to Fab's next main event.

I'm holding voice auditions for anyone interested in lending their voice for my Unleashed! fighter project.

Here is a list of the current Roster:

Jack "The Ripper Vocci


The Mist



The Law

Zed Jackson

"Mixmaster" William Styles


Twin Demonettes, Felicia and Lynn

Juan Guerrero

Billy Drago


I will send you a note with the lines I've written and a description/background for each character so that you can try to immerse yourself in that role. If you have your own ideas for a character to say feel free to throw'em in! I'll be doing a few test clips myself if possible just for shits and giggles.

Your name will be put under whoever you want to try out. It's free game so pick as many as you like to try! I hope you guys are going to have as much fun as I will.
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