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Post by 0CTAVE on Wed Mar 06, 2013 10:57 pm

So a fan of ours got two of his other friends to go to my bands show this past Saturday at the biggest stage we've ever played at Revolution Live in Fort Lauderdale FL. He made his friends record his favorite song of ours from 3 different angles and then he edited to make a pretty cool video haha. He contacted me and told me about it and I went to go check it out, I think it came out pretty good considering it's from a mobile phone!(Gotta love tech guys!)

Sadly, during the song my top E-String got out of tune. It caught me off guard during the 1st chorus but then after that, it wasn't a problem at all(found a way around it lol) and I think I made it up with my solo at the end. We usually look like the RHCP on stage in terms of moving but we were also having problems with the cables so we decided not to move around much lol In one of our songs during the show, the cable literally stopped working on our bassist. I wasn't even able to take off my shirt! D= (I always do lol) Faulty equipment that day but whatever lol We made the best of it! We were the only band that fans asked an "ENCORE!" for, it was an awesome feeling that just shows that we're getting better and better! =)

It was a really awesome show and definitely one that I won't forget. There was a ton of people at the show! People paid plane tickets and drove from other cities just to see us perform on this awesome stage.
Some great "Big Name" bands have played there before like Sublime, Say Anything, Papa Roach, 3 Days Grace, Steve Vai, Coheed and Cambria and a couple others. It's amazing being able to play on the same stage some of my heroes played on a couple months back.

Anyways, hopefully you guys enjoyed that!

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Show some support everyone! =)

That song will be available in our upcoming studio album along with a couple other songs that are just pretty kick ass!

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