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Shameless Self Promotion

Post by ThatDamnNarwhal on Wed Jan 30, 2013 11:46 am

I figured to maybe make a thread to promote your threads from the original Playstation forums. And I don't just mean simple question threads, I mean idea/suggestion threads that you feel like needs some more opinions/ideas thrown in, or maybe a bump or two. If you guys throw in a few links I'll happily check them out and I'll try to give you my honest opinion about it. If you know me from way back in the BETA days of Playstation All-Stars, you know that I love to throw in my own ideas here and there.
*It does not have to be Playstation All-Stars.

Here are a few threads I made, it'd be cool if you guys checked them out!
Gaming Apps that Would Rock on the Vita
Okay so I only have one right now, but you know me, I'll have more.
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